Background Information

A Welcome Place.....When it comes to Pamela Baer's classroom's unique, mixing professionalism and maturity with a sense of youthful fun and a little humor.

Pamela Baer, Oregon LMT # 6900, received her first Associate of Science Degree and went on to obtain a second Associate of Applied Science (Fitness Technology).  Her love of the sciences and research also led her to become an American College of Sports Medicine Certified Exercise Physiologist to expand her practices in Medical Massage and Insurance Billing.  Since receiving her massage license in 1999, she has strived to utilize many forms of training for the expansion of health benefits for her patients to heal.  Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF), Tai Chi for Better Balance, Senior and Fitness Coaching, Reiki Master and twice certified in the Aroma Touch Technique (Aromatherapy). These are just a few of the certifications Pamela holds.  She utilizes her wide range of therapeutic talents and intuitive abilities to stimulate your own body’s unique healing process.    

Since a little girl she has been gardening, growing her own herbs and vegetables for her health and those around her.  Later on in life, running her own landscape company, noticing and loving the amazing effects that plants had on people and animals is where her passion for essential oils was born. Now present day and after teaching the benefits of oils to her massage patients and the value of exercise in their daily lives, she now wants to share her knowledge and the health benefits of essential oils by offering continuing education for massage therapists wanting to incorporate essential oils into their practice being FDA compliant. 

 She takes her energy and pours every ounce of it into her way of teaching others how to combine the body’s natural ability to heal itself, utilizing essential oils and their natural purity to accelerate the healing process along with the connection of mind, body and spirit, showing her students how to heal themselves and their clients.  She believes healing comes in many uniting forms, incorporating the physical and emotional well being of the patient through aromatherapy, massage and exercise.